BALI – Landscapes

•July 18, 2009 • 1 Comment

school starts, moving house, band rehearsal, photshoots, etc…damn…suddenly all of them came at a time, i really need to arrange my time more organized from now on…

having said that, yesterday was my 3rd sister’s Birthday and we went Great World City to have dinner..some French restaurant that caught our attention..not so nice though…

well, it has been more than a month since i came back from Bali..i must say the timing was not really good for me, 1 month holiday before going to Bali then another 3 weeks holiday…it was so boring and flat…

but now, slowly my activities and schedules tied up together…i’m in a desperate of graduating this year…otherwise…man…i dun wanna talk about it…

anyway, here goes the photos of landscapes edition of Bali…not all of them though…

just felt like posting few first…













9 models & 9 hours

•June 10, 2009 • 2 Comments

finally i’m back to spore! it has been a wonderful trip to Bali…we had so much fun there…almost forget about everything about Singapore except the heat!

hahaha…nevertheless, it’s good to be back in Singapore now, i can settle the undone stuff to get them done quicker since i’m very seldom updating my blog..

as promised, 9 models photoshoot of my friends, they were so enthusiastic and supportive throughout the photoshoot and patience

we started from Haji Lane which is commonly called arab street or whatsoever…i like the location and whether was quite good and cooling too

after that, we went for lunch at ‘Sabar Menanti’ where it has nasi padang food openned by the padang people themselves, the food there was good but not great though

after lunch, we headed to parliement building which was 10 minutes away from haji lane by bus, then we went off to espalanade and it began to rain…so we had to get shetered inside the mall for a while

we grabbed a coffee break and then continued shooting around there…it was a tiring but very fun day…they were great models as well as friends and i’m looking forward to shooting them again soon..

btw, i took almost 1000 photos, naida took almost 1000 photos too but i used her camera quite often too and jen took more than 1000 photos and yunita took almost 400 photos there…therefore in total we have almost 4000 photos added up together…hahahaa…

below are the photos, they are just 10% of the total photos…the rest i’ve uploaded at facebook in my album photos
























Off to Bali

•May 31, 2009 • 1 Comment

again i seldom updated my blog…i know i know….i have plenty of photos to be posted, it’s just that besides i didn’t have time…ok2…lazy too…i was just feeling bored recently, therefore i planned to go to bali for summer breeze…

man…it’s less than 24 hours to be there…the flight is 6AM! and i need to get up at 3AM and reach the airport at 4.20AM at least…i haven’t packed yet…argh…later on in the afternoon i need to collect the remote shutter bought online at cityhall area…

after that, i guess i have to rest for the morning flight otherwise…i’ll be damn tired and restless…well excited and fun altogether will create excitement! it has been almost 7 years since the last time i went there…

i carried 3/4 of my camera equipment and it’s already damn heavy…but no choice, i want to be kiasu rather than regret to be lacking of equipments…jen, ferdian’s gf just bought canon 500D and she and naida will bring their cameras along…so no worries if i need a backup camera and for documenting the whole trip…since jen’s camera has a video recording function…damn i’m so excited…feeling stucked and bored in singapore kill me…

i’ll again upload the photos there…but as i promised, i need to upload some previous taken photos like the 9 models…





•May 2, 2009 • Leave a Comment

It has been almost a week since my exam has passed, i felt like so free yet something made me incomplete though…dunno what exactly

btw next month, 1st of june to be exact we will be going to bali…what a summer breeze i wanted finally going to happen soon! i’m so damn has been almost 6 years since the last time i went there

i heard there had been so much changes after the bomb incident…we will be staying there for 9 days, we wanted to stay longer but 2 of our friends have to get to work

just now me and my shooting fellas went to xin wang cafe to shoot new food out from the menu then if accepted, the photos would be used for the promotion menu..

after then, like usual, camho and jump came along of course! what else we do if not that?? was fun but tired dunno why…

i also played the f1 simulator machine provided at the terminal 3, it was way harder then it seems…

anyway, below photos were taken some time ago i just felt like posting them since the movies in cinemas are now very popular and anticipated, therefore i was affected to make one! hahaha…way to go!

btw, need to bathe now




Photojournalism compilation

•April 27, 2009 • 1 Comment

YOOHOOWWW!!!! finally my exam was done…first and last paper for this semester..that was why i didn’t update my blog for a while

i still got the 9 models photo shoot photos…since i haven’t given them the soft copies, therefore, i didn’t upload it on my blog yet but i’ll do soon

anyway, i was quite confident doing my exam, though i was a bit nervous about what questions would come out…yeah who cares, it was over!

now i got to think about what i got to do for this whole holiday that i’ve been having for the last 4 months, this semester to be frank i went to school like once a week? then went to the library for revision for the last 3 weeks

man…it’s going to be very boring….i even ask my friend to lend me his xbox so i can play during the holiday…

this post, all the photos were actually taken long long time ago, i just didn’t post them up because i forgot…hahaha…classic….

the first 2 photos i took with my super mini digital camera sony cybershot myu bought at the flea market this year on January…quality wise it sucks but if i go through post-processing, its better at least…

now though, i got to do whatever i wanted to do before the exams, btw, i still got some photos that me and my sister did a block buster poster while exam period, me and my simei’s friends did in the middle of the road…hahaha…it was all fun…

so just wait up then….got o enjoy myself now










Baby Photo Shoot – Lee Yu Chen

•April 8, 2009 • 13 Comments

Last week, i got a phone call from my sister’s ex-colleague regarding a photo shoot for her 1 year old baby, i was really into it and we immediately arranged the timing and everything

her location was at Ang Mo Kio, which i need to travel for at least an hour to reach there. when i reached the mrt, i called her and was asking how to get to her place, since it was so complicated to explain it on the phone, she and her husband picked me up at the taxi stand and we just went off the her place.

it was 12pm and they engaged me for 2 hours, the first hour, i wanted to take photo of the baby in his room, and the next hour we would go the playground and finish the photo session

because of the raining, we just stayed in the house, nevertheless, 2 hours was just nice to shoot around. it was fun and exciting as well, i’ve never shot a baby before, therefore, most of the photos i shot with burst – the total photos were almost 400 photos.

the baby’s name was Lee Yu Chen, and his parents were friendly and they were willing to participate in helping me to direct the baby to pose. after 2 hours of non-stop taking photos and the baby was getting grumpier..hahaha…

tonight, i will be meeting his mother to give the CD of the photos and a printed A4 size photo will come along as a gift from me.

for his parents, hope you guys like the photos, it has been a fun experience to take photo of your son



























SIM – UOL photo shoot

•April 4, 2009 • 1 Comment

2 days ago, i got a call from herbert saying that SIM needs 2 photographers to shoot the graduates from SIM-UOL course

Basically, they are working now and we are supposed to shoot them individually and the photos will be eventually sent to London to be used for representing UOL in Singapore, more specifically, in SIM

Herbert and me were supposed to be the photographers, but herbert was to go back to indo to do something, therefore, the photographers were me and Bryan.

We first reached the raffles place mrt and just did take some shots of the first guy. he was the only guy, while the rest are girls

we did it rather quick and simple, just within 20 minutes..then we went straight to the fullerton hotel, which it has a bridge to the museum, so we called the second person to arrange, this was even faster than the first person

after that, we went to have lunch at McD, it was the nearest fast food around there, so we rabbed some food and went to the fullerton entrance to take the last person

we were given the tome from 10am to 2 pm but we finished at 12 pm…hahha…yeah i guess we didn’t have to spend som much time, because they are all working adults and need to go back to their offices immediatelly soon after the photo shoot

tomorrow, i’ll be having a baby photoshoot, i’m quite excited now =P

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